Sharing with our family is one of the most important things done in Family History. Our Genealogy Story family reunion presentations are a simple way of sharing the most exciting facts about ancestors.   The presentation uses Google Slides to encourage sharing and phone access. Cristi specializes in finding original documents and producing fascinating presentations.   Our Genealogy Story and clients can share them with children and grandchildren.   At family reunions, the presentation begins discussions about ancestors and family roots. Then, using a projector, the entire family can participate. It includes complete source citations and links to pertinent information.  

The client chooses the ancestral line, and Our Genealogy Story will discover unique information about the chosen ancestors.   The example below includes the great aunt’s handwritten genealogy found on Family Search.     Cristi locates the family in the census and then matches the address with google earth. In addition, websites for churches and other remarkable events in ancestors’ lives are located.   The possibilities are endless, but it includes at least 25 slides and a written explanation for each slide. The client can share the presentation with anyone.   

We all have incredible stories about our ancestors; we often know who they are, not their life details.

Ten hours of research, writing, and 25 slides for $300 a presentation.    

Additional presentation costs determined with the client’s prior approval.